Friday, May 18, 2012

Fabulous Friday Favourites #07

1. Beach Chair

Belcarra Beach Chair via BC Beach Chair
Pretty much the most amazing thing EVER. I can totally imagine sitting this out on the balcony, sipping margaritas, and doodling in my sketchbook all day long. They are apparently hand crafted in Europe, based on an early 20th century design that was ridiculed and then became quite popular later on.
It's only $ 749 hahahha.  A girl can dream, right?

2. Statuette Sculpture by Myruso

This piece is simple gorgeous! I love all of the detail the artist put into this; the textures, the swan, the metal accessories... Amazing work. I'd love to create something like this one day.

3. A DIY Herb Garden inside of a wooden Pallet

via Life on the Balcony
What an amazing herb garden, eh? Find a recycled pallet, and transform it into a upright herb garden for the balcony. Brilliant! (reposted from Rough and Whimsy)

4. Beautiful Leaf Fabric

fabric via Seams4ever
I really want to get this fabric and make a skirt or something out of it. Only problem is I can't sew... at all D:

5. Kittttty!

via somewhere on FB

Awwwhaha! My darling kitten, who passed away two years ago, used to knock over glasses of water.. But she would wait until you were watching, and then do it. What a brat! <3

Hope you're all having an awesome Friday! Got any plans this weekend?


  1. so many perfect things for summer in this collection :D
    and ofc, love the kitty :P i think i saw this on george takei's facebook. but dont quote me :O

    1. Haha yes it was George! He always posts the funniest things! Glad you like the collection! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Isn't it?! I need to try to make something like this. :DDD

  3. Hi Sasha:)
    Lots of cool stuff! Love that last photo... I saw it on fb too, so funny how it sums those brats up so well!
    Hope you have a great week.

    1. Hello! I love that last photo too hehe! XD Hope you're having a good week too!


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