Friday, May 25, 2012

Fabulous Friday Favourites #08

Hello gorgeous!

Today is so sunny! I can't get over it. Happy Friday everyone!

Today's FFF theme is antique<<boho<<victoriana

via Lady Rose Treasures
Old cameras are super trendy right now, and I can see why. I, too, am fascinated by all of the levers and moveable parts, odd shaped boxes, and lenses... I love little objects that spur on my creativity.

via MajicHorse
 This dress is possibly the perfect summer dress ever. It looks to be vintage crochet/lace, and is simply fabulous. I could totally see myself in it, wandering through an enchanted forest, or even gazing out at the sea from a cliff top perch...

via Things With Springs
 I absolutely ADORE antique, ornate, victorian style furniture, especially when it's given a modern fabric and paint restyling. If I could, I would decorate my whole house in this fashion (and intend too one day, finances willing).

via On Willow Lane
There's something so romantic about these handmade leather bound journals; with pages upon pages of rich, watercolour paper. I have a 'big trip' I want to take one day, and this would be a dream travel journal, to record all of the sights, through photography, words, and small paintings. 

via Pipers Crossing
 I'm a big fan of boho/bohemian style. I love the rich patterns and textures, ornate yet casual style, and worldly inspiration, incorporated in the look. I love the turquoise fabric and how beautifully it contrasts with the richly patterned orange/brown fabric. And that red tassel is just perfection. *sigh*

via Sister Susie Sells
 Old vintage trunks inspire the nomad traveler in me. I love the metal details, clasps, and general niftyness of this objet d'art. I would definitely use a trunk like this to add some funky decor to a living room (and it's not just pretty, it's also great to store things too, obviously :P).

via Vdeux
And last but not least - my dream prince who exists out there somewhere - a ring like this, handmade, in a wax lace mold, is almost a guarantee of a YES from me!

I hope you're all having a lovely Friday! Any weekend plans? 

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