Saturday, May 26, 2012

The last

You didn't think you were rid of me yet, did you?! The night has only begun, muahahahaa!

Tracy (sans children) arrived around midnight (she and her kids stay with us on the weekends due to her commuting to work), and about ten minutes later the power went off and we were in complete darkness! I wondered around trying to find a candle and matches, and when I finally lit the candle the power came back on. Talk about annoying coincidences, eh? 

When my mom got home, we decided to for a walk in the courtyard (it's a clear warm night, and Sandy the dog needed a walk after such a long drive here). The funniest thing happened - the whole time we were walking, Sandy was behind Tracy, humping her leg while she walked, LOL. It was like Sandy was hopping along with us. I'll try to get a video of that to show you guys tomorrow. XD

Here's the last of my fun little quote things. 

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  1. I love fairy tales too, I like the real ones that come true and they don't actually have a happily ever after ending... just more realism. One of my favorite movies is 'Ever After'. A fairy tale but not neatly tied up with the final ending, they lived... that is what is important:)


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