Saturday, May 26, 2012

My Fashion Collages!

Oh my gosh! Polyvore is so fun and addictive! Which collage is your favourite? Do you  have an account? Share!

Inspired by Alice's Adventures in wonderland

Coco in Wonderland

Kiwi and Watermelon Ensemble

Studded and WILD!

Floral Fun!

Boho Chic

Have you joined POLYVORE yet? 
It's super fun & easy, and you can make beautiful fashion collages!

<<<<in case it's not obvious, I SO TOTALLY do not own any of the rights to these images. Please check out my collages on Polyvore to see where you can buy these items>>>>


  1. Oh Sasha, I would love to join another site, it will have to be once I am finished this boring CPA course in July... then I will have time:)

  2. I LOVE Polyvore - also, your Coco in Wonderland collage is my favorite. :D Here's my Polyvore account:


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