Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Painting, Sculpting, Potting

I feel super productive lately!

Last night, I actually felt the urge to pick up my paint brush, and inking pens, and work on my Spirited Away illustration. I've been feeling such a lack of passion and enthusiasm for so long, that it's great to feel inspired again.

Spirited Away Work in Progress teaser pic

The first batch of polymer clay leaves are out of the oven and cooling off right now. They may still be a bit soft, so I might have to put them in for another few minutes. I have to be really careful not to burn the clay, lol... I've had interesting accidents in the past.

Blue Iridescent Polymer Clay Leaves, freshly baked

And I've been organizing my collection of small pots I bought at the thrift store over the past month for my balcony/window herb garden. I wanted a mix of eclectic pots, of various styles and materials, to create an interesting look.

Nine different pots for my herb garden

A close up of the pots

Some of the seeds I've been collecting

What's this?! A kitten intruding on the photoshoot :P

Honey, inspecting the green glass pot. 

That's all for now folks! 


  1. Sasha, you are so talented, I am sure I have already said that but I am in awe of your drawings and your creativity:)

    1. Aww Launna! You are too sweet! Well I am happy to be able to share my interests with people who enjoy them too! :)

  2. Glad you have got your passion back! love to see your painting when it is finished! what rae you making those leaves for? love the colours x

  3. Your painting skills are... wow. Just wow. Amazing and I am SO jealous and those leaves are SO pretty!

    Also, Honey is one of the cutest kitty names EVER!!!

    I admire your pot collection (that sounds so bad, lol) and herbs, mmmm fresh herbs!!!


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