Sunday, May 6, 2012

Super Moon Photography Adventure!

I saw it. 
I really did!

Here's a tiny picture of the Super Moon I saw last night. Scroll down to read about my adventure, and see more of the photos!

The early evening began with a lovely sunset, of bright orange across the sky. To the South West, the skies were clear and blue, and to the East, where the mountains were, the skies were full of thick grey clouds. I wasn't sure which side the moon was planning on making its appearance, so I just hoped it wouldn't be hiding behind the thick clouds.

At 8:34 the moon was supposed to appear in the sky, and within five minutes, it was supposed to reach its full brightness, and alignment with the Earth's horizon, which would make it appear at its largest. I arranged, with the help of my mom and a lovely (and totally HOT) security guard, to go to the top of her work's building after hours, and set up my camera and tripod to take the photos of the moon, from the solarium.

You have to have a special access card to get up there after hours, so he let us have 20minutes up there until we had to leave. So we waited for the moon to come up... and waited... and waited....

waiting for the moon to come up...

It was still pretty bright outside, even though it was 8:30 already. I wondered where the moon could be hiding, or if it hadn't arrived yet. So while I waited, I took advantage of being on a rooftop at night, and took some pictures of the surrounding area.

Shooting through a metal fence, lol
Birds flying in a blue sky

It started to get a little darker...

annnnd darkerrrr

It was almost 9pm and not only was there no Super Moon, there was no moon at all! I felt like some sort of crazy prophet from the medieval era, predicting an eclipse that never came, or something. So the security guard led us back inside the building. My mom still had her access card for the inside of the building, so we decided to stay in one of the empty offices on the fifth floor, and wait a little bit to see if the Moon would come out to play.

And then there it was! ヽ(;▽;)ノ

It was so big, and so orange... and so beautiful! I am amazed that my camera was able to capture some of the shadows and details of the lunar surface. 

The only thing was, the sky was not actually that black. It was more a midnight blue, which contrasted the orange so beautifully. 

So I changed my camera settings so I could capture the lighter blue of the sky. 

Well, lighting the camera settings didn't really seem to work either. I had either a black sky, and an accurately coloured orange moon, or a white moon and an accurately coloured sky. So this is where photoshop came in to play.....

This is more accurate to what I saw last night. A dark, midnight blue sky, with twinkling city lights down below, and a big orange moon up above. It was beautiful.

And last but not least, a tripped out picture of the moon. Is it dancing?

I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend, and had the chance to see a Super Moon for yourselves! 


  1. Oh Sasha, thank you for posting, it wasn't quite clear enough to see this here, amazing pictures, so beauiful :)

    1. Thank you! I'm happy to share the beautiful sight!

  2. Your photographs are gorgeous! I saw the moon but from where we were it didn't look all that super it just looked like a normal full moon which was disappointing :( I'm glad you got to see it though!

    1. Thank you! I'm sorry to hear you didn't see it all big and orange... I hope you'll get the chance next year! :)

  3. what awesome photos!!
    thanks for sharing:)

  4. Wow it's crazy how orange it was! I saw the super moon in a clear sky. It kind of came out of ~nowhere~ and made me scream SUPERMOON!!! xD I LOVE the last picture. it's so cool haha

    1. I know!! It was like all of of a sudden HOLY SHIT there's the SUPER MOON!!!! :D


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