Friday, June 8, 2012

Fabulous Friday Favourites #09

1. Opera on the Lake

So wonderful! I want to see this one day, live!

2. This awesome fabric necklace tutorial

Definitely going to make this necklace!

3. Star Studded Lady Tie

I seriously need to get a lady tie. It's between this one, and the cute
one with the mushrooms... hmmm

4. Personalized stamped discs for your herb garden

What a great way to differentiate between herbs. 

5. This is pretty much me, LOL

6. Moroccan Goats in Trees (possibly the best thing ever) << click for more pics

Believe it or not, this isn't photoshopped.

Hope you're all having a wonderful Friday! Got any plans for the weekend?

I need to tidy up before our usual weekend guests arrive. Then I'm going to work on some arty things I owe to people (omg so overdue now I feel so bad), and then work on my mystery art project.... :)


  1. I would love to see that opera on the lake, I am not really into operas but the idea of watching it on the lake looks amazing.

    I also think that the idea for the herbs is a great one, I am growing herbs this year and I am going to use that one.

    Thanks for the lovely ideas Sasha as always :)

  2. I don't think I'd like opera's much either, but I agree, this one looks epically amazing!

    What herbs are you growing?? Glad you enjoyed the feature, Launna! :)

  3. I am going to grow basil, oregano and parsley; as well I plan to look around and see what else they have there. Valentina and I are into growing things and I do have room for a garden out back so I am going to use it this year. :)

    1. Sweet! I'm going to be growing some herbs too. I don't know how well they will grow planted this late though... It'll be my first time planting them, so I hope it works out. :)

  4. LOVE your Blog Sasha ... I've just been reading / smiling / giggling .... & MANY THANKS for leaving such nice comments on my blog xxx
    Hugs Angie CC xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Thanks Angie!! :D I love your blog too!


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