Saturday, June 9, 2012

Nail Experiments #02 Sprinkles!

Last night we went for donuts and hot chocolate at Timmie's, and the only left over donut from the half dozen was a rainbow sprinkle donut. I don't really like the taste of them or the crunchy texture of the sprinkles (and neither did anyone else), but they are always pretty to look at. I saw the box with the one lonely sprinkle donut sitting on the counter this morning, and thought it might be fun to take some photos of it... and what could be more fun, but to do my nails in a rainbow sprinkle theme too?! So I did. The colours on my nails are very pastel-ish, mainly because I don't have big selection of polishes yet, but I thought it looked really cute with the donut. :3

Somehow I knew this donut's existence wouldn't be a long one...

Ahhh close up nails look awful haha! 

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!


  1. I love your nails Sasha, so cute... I want mine done like that. I love different... nothing boring like pink or red:)

  2. Mmm those vanilla dip sprinkle doughnuts used to be my favourite. :D Still good, but now I've discovered the delights of Canadian maple doughnuts from Timmy's. I ate so many of those while going to Cap ... XD
    Annnnyway ... love the nails! So cute :) You have a lot of patience, hehe ... I can barely keep regular clear polish on my nails without trying to pick it off :P


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