Saturday, July 7, 2012

Flowers of Summer

The weather has been so lovely lately, that I find myself going for walks as often as possible, camera in hand.

I have two main cameras, one is my baby, my Nikon d60, and the other is a Canon Powershot. Once you've been spoiled with an SLR camera, point and clicks will never do it for you ever again. But they are super light to carry... So when it's hot outside and I'm trying to actually walk, I'm more likely to bring the Powershot.

The photos always end up looking pretty messed up colour-wise. The Canon Power Shot turns greens purple, and really can't photograph things that have full sunlight on them without becoming over exposed. So I turn to photoshop to fix some of the problems, and make the colours more vibrant.

The colours are so bad with the Canon Power Shot, that I'm beginning to think of it more as a 'Special Effects' camera LOL. I don't think there will be anything as great as an SLR, ever.

Speaking of cameras, I recently purchased 6 rolls of film from Lomography, to try in my thrifted Diana f and Fisheye cameras. I can't wait till they get here. That's around 200+ exposures!! *happy dance*

See what I mean about bad colours?
This place is so colourful and beautiful in real life. 

I spy with my little eye... a LADY BUG!

A beautiful iron piece for the garden. 

Probably the best photo out of them all. Very little editing was done on this one. 

These flowers looked so 'dusty', like they were vintage fabric flowers or something. 

Ah! These gorgeous pink roses. They even seem to bloom in the fall/early winter. 

I love experimenting with colours in photoshop ...

This was more realistic, haha. See the little fly in the flower?

Hope you're all having a lovely day! I'm off to go thrifting for a bit, and then check out some potential art studios. Ta, ta!


  1. I know what you mean about SLRs... anything I take with a point and shoot always looks so flat to me. Your photos are still gorgeous and make me want to take a walk someplace beautiful!

    1. Aww! Thank you so much for such a sweet comment. I am addicted to my SLR! I can't wait to try film... I have an inkling that I will love it too.

  2. WOW Sasha, the pictures are lovely... I would love to be walking by them right now

    1. Aww thanks Launna! I hope they brighten your day! :)

  3. Great photos! Even with the whacky colour magic that your PowerShot seems to have going :P

    Can't wait to see what you get up to once your film and Diana f arrive!

    1. Hahaha thanks Lauren! Yeah, whacky colour magic indeed!! :P
      I seriously can't wait until I get that film. It should be here soon!

  4. I think the flowers look lovely - crazy colors or not. That looks like such a beautiful place to visit. Hope you found some good stuff thrifting :]

    1. Haha thanks! Crazy colours sometimes work in my favour, I suppose. At least in this case, lol :P

      Yes, I got an awesome pile of loot while thrifting. I plan to share some photos soon!


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