Monday, August 27, 2012

Summer Thrifting pt 1

Hey guys!

My birthday was last week, so in celebration, I did a lot of thrift store shopping!
My thrifting style is a bit different than some of my favourite bloggers. I'm not a big fan of kitsch decor, vintage clothes, or cute animal figurines, at least not in my own home. I'm very interested however in antiques, interesting and odd curios, things I can use, unique but trendy clothing, and books! I always come home with bundles and bundles of books at the thrift store. Sometimes I think the prices they charge are too high though, considering some of them are old discards from libraries and such.

Thrift Store Shelves

ornate picture frames

detail of picture frame
I saw these three picture frames sitting in one of those grab bags along the wall. Usually I just skip over that stuff, cause it's filled with old hair ties, barbie shoes, and paper clips, but this one was certainly something special. I'd like to do three original drawings for each of the frames, and possibly put them up for sale.

Books. Read any of them?
Cute bowls made in Japan. Perfect for Miso soup.
I loooved the colours, and it was all four for $5, so I got'em! 

Some things I didn't get, but secretly wanted to...

This fabulously tacky bejeweled bracelet.
Unfortunately fortunately didn't fit.
This AMAZING trunk
which was $70. for $10 it would have been mine.

Hope you enjoyed part one of summer thrifting! Second part will be up soon! :)


  1. I LOVE the picture frames and those bowls are SO cute Sasha:)

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