Sunday, September 9, 2012

Diana f+ Camera Photos

Here they are! My first batch of film photos, using my thrifted Diana camera.

The whole experience was new and challenging, and I have to say, the results came out WAY better than I ever expected. I was thrilled when I saw that the photos weren't over exposed/under exposed to the point of being just blank white or black.

As I mentioned, I found my Diana camera in a thrift store a month or so ago, and I wasn't even sure if it would work, but for five bucks, I couldn't pass it up. It didn't have a lens, or a shutter hold/release thingy, and the winding nob had broken off; but with a little ingenuity, I made it work.

Pink-Red Flowers
I was using the pin hole setting on the camera but really had no clue how long to hold the shutter open, and I wasn't using a tripod, so I went into it knowing the pictures would be unpredictable & blurry. I didn't
even know if any of the photos would turn out at all. In fact, I felt kind of silly going around winding and clicking, without being able to see some feedback in an lcd screen.

Pretty light leaks
Tabitha an Me
I think the aged trailer homes really suit film. 
Tabitha shooting with my Nikon d60

My next purchase will surely be some higher ISO film so that I can take photos when the weather gets dark, cloudy, and gray (which is most of the year in Vancouver). I'd also like to buy a lens and flash for the camera, and see if the exposures are any less blurry. 

An unexpected double exposure

Random, but pretty. 
Sadly none of my fisheye photos turned out. I think I somehow loaded the film wrong, or maybe it was defective. It's kind of funny, since I was sure the fisheye ones would turn out because it wasn't broken and had all of its components, but it was the diana photos, taken with a broken camera, that ended up turning out. 

Hope you enjoyed the photos! I'm already starting on my next roll, so hopefully I'll have photos to share soon!


  1. is come out is really nice but quiet blur.


    1. I totally agree haha! Thanks for the comment! :)

  2. Almost like it has a softglow effect :)

  3. I love the daisies and double exposure!


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