Friday, September 7, 2012

26 before 27

I recently turned 26, and decided to make a list of 26 goals that I want to accomplish before I reach 27 years old.

1. Eat Healthy & Get Exercise (at least one 30 min speed walk a day)
2. Go to California in April (visit Ashley, meet Christina & Richard at their gallery show, and of course, Disneyland!)
3. Move into a house (where I will have space for an office & studio & large garden)
4. Date (haven't done this in a looong time)
5. Dress up and get fancy more often
6. Finish work on Cryptic Femina (my art collection)
7. Take a course (maybe sewing, or pottery)
8. Learn to drive (I'm a scaredy cat)
9. Go on an Alaskan Cruise in August 2013 (I dream of seeing the Aurora Borealis)
10. Illustrate a whole faerie tale
11. Write an e-book 'how to'
12. Go kayaking (my favourite water sport, haven't gone in a couple years)
13. Look through a telescope
14. Whiten teeth (odd, I know, but I've been meaning to try this for ages)
15. Video Blog
16. Go to Faerie Worlds in Oregon
17. Start a comic, and share the pages with friends
18. Finish the vampire Etiene's short story with illustrations
19. Re-open my art shop (which also involves fixing the printer)
20. Spend more time with friends
21. Save for a Europe trip
22. Sew my own dress
23. Make a doll out of clay with a shadow box
24. Do what I say I'm going to do. Follow through & be dependable.
25. Go out on my own more often.
26. Live life to the fullest!

Have you ever made a list like this? Link me! :)


  1. Hi Sasha, I haven't sat down to actually write the list, I must do this but I want one for what I would like to do by the time I turn 50. If I don't do all of them, I will do them by the time I am 51:)

    Great list by the way, good luck and success in following through;)

    1. Thanks! These lists are a challenge to complete, and mine feels a bit idealistic, but I'm hopeful. I can't wait to see your list! :)

  2. What a great idea! And great goals! Your blogs are so inspiring. Keep up the good work! Let us know your progress.

    PS - You are always invited to catch a ride to Faerieworlds with me. :)

    1. Aww thanks Alison! That's sweet of you to say, and I'm happy to hear you enjoy the blog. ^_^

      I may end up taking you up on that ride!! :D


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