Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Treasure, from Christina Lank

Look what arrived in my mail box this morning!

A package from Plantie Bee aka Christina Lank! When I saw the wax seal, I knew EXACTLY who it was from, and boy was I ever excited to open it!!

wax seal
The wax seal is so detailed and beautiful! What an interesting and memorable way to mark a package. It held up really well in the post too. Didn't get squished or anything. ^_^

Pretty Swedish Stamps (totally keeping these & the seal. what? I collect weird things :P )
*tug tug*
My pretties!
Thank you so very much Christina! *hugs* I can't wait to frame them and begin my own art wall. :)

Check out Christina's shop, it's full of gorgeous artwork!


  1. Aww yay!! Lol, you just never know how that stuff is going to hold up going 13,000 some miles, but I think its done very well considering!!
    Haha and look at the stamps they used!! They never even showed me - but thats pretty cool :D I am so happy they arrived safe and sound to you and that you will no doubt enjoy them
    How honored am I that I get to help birth the art wall!!

  2. This is lovely, you have given me some ideas, thanks Sasha:)


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