Saturday, October 13, 2012

Daily Deviation!

Yesterday I logged onto deviantart, and what a surprise! My inbox was crowded with messages and favourites, and I had only one guess why...


For those not in the know, a daily deviation is a site feature on deviantart, where your image will stay up for 24hrs, and be viewed by potentially millions of people. It's a huge honour.

When I got my first daily deviation, and the wonderful feedback from everyone, it meant that I had achieved one of the huge goals I dreamed of since I joined deviantart. I would see many artists I admired getting featured, and wonder if I would ever be able to make a piece that was worthy to be shown on the front page. I was over the moon when my day finally came. ^_^

Receiving one for the second time is just as huge of an honour. In a way, it means I'm on the right path with my art. Just gotta keep truckin' along, and making beautiful things for beautiful people. ^_^

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!

Daily Deviation Site Feature - Click image to enlarge

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