Sunday, October 14, 2012

Thrifting in Kelowna - Part 1

While I was in Kelowna during the summer, Lauren wanted to visit Value Village, and do some Halloween costume shopping & general thrifting. Of course, I couldn't say no!

I almost took this deer home with me. I kind of regret not actually buying it.

Wicked cool chess pieces... hand carved from wood.. and they were quite big too!

Praying Hand Bookends. I love it when things match/come in sets and you find both pairs at the thrift store.

A pretty metallic object

Red Leaf Candle Holder

The iconic SINGER sewing machine!

A beautiful stained glass image of birds and flowers.
Going thrifting is always a fun adventure. There's so many interesting objects and curious, that I'm lucky I have a discerning eye & shallow pocket, or I'd be going home with truck loads of junk treasure.

Have you picked up anything on your latest thrifting adventures?
Part two coming up soon!


  1. Aww such a cute deer! Definitely pick stuff up like that! Even if you don't have the room/use for it, I'm sure you could sell it on etsy :3

  2. My Valentina is quite the treasure hunter in thrift stores, she always comes out with a few cute items;)


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