Sunday, October 21, 2012

Drawing Manga

Here's the beginnings of a comic I'm working on.

I'm not sure what it's going to be, or how long I'm going to work on it, but it's a fun way to learn how to use Manga Studio 4 for future projects. 

It was all drawn directly on the computer, with my wacom tablet & stylus. I find drawing in this program incredible, compared to photoshop. The pen tool is so intuitive and easy to use, there's little erasing or fixing of lines, and the drawing actually turns out the way you envision it, taking no more time than it would with traditional tools. I can see artist's pumping out comic pages super fast with this awesome program. 

click image to enlarge
Anyway, back to the comic I'm working on -

It's a story about Etienne the vampire, living in Paris, in the mid 1800's. He takes care of a human boy, because he feels indebted to the family his vampiress murdered. I imagine that the boy keeps his human side alive, and challenges all of his decisions, morally.

But the story really gets going, when a vampire of nobility, calls in his own debt... Etienne must protect a young woman, who lives in the English countryside, from her fiance's father's supernatural enemies. If he fails to do so... well he'll be seeing the first sunrise he's seen in the last few hundred years.

Or something along those lines. XD

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