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Weekly Reviews - The Walking Dead

Hope you're all having a wonderful October! :)

This month I've been totally obsessed with my favourite tv shows, which have all just premiered: The Walking Dead, Dexter, The Vampire Diaries. I hope to review them weekly, and hopefully share some interesting thoughts.

*warning* SPOILERS!

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 1

The Walking Dead - AMC
The first episode in season three started off strong, with some good zombie killing action. The group was searching houses for supplies, killing walkers, and then booking it before more came.

Several months must have passed, because when Lori walked through the door, her stomach was bulging with a huge baby bump. Lori spent most of the episode worried about the growing distance between her and Rick, and mentioned that she thought Rick blamed her for ruining the relationship he had with Shane (and the eventual murder). I find Lori to be pretty much the most annoying character ever, and feel like saying: 'no Lori, Rick doesn't blame you for Shane's actions. Rick's worried about the group's survival, has just killed his best friend to protect his life and the lives of the group, and now he's freaking out about where you're going to have the baby. Your feelings of guilt and blame are last thing on his mind.'

Daryl Dixon - AMC

For all of the ladies out there, who are fans of Daryl Dixon/Norman Reedus too - yes, he's still looking rugged and sexy as ever! There was a totally cute moment between him and Carol, which maybe hints at more. :> There was also a funny moment where I believe he referred to Rick as 'Hussein' which I laughed at. Yeah Rick's a bit of dictator right now, but I think once they get the prison settled, and Lori safe, he'll calm down.

Speaking of the prison...

Walking Dead Prison - AMC
The group finds an abandoned prison, well, excepting all of the undead inmates, and see it as a potential safe haven, with food, facilities, and fences. This is definitely a good score! I mean, it has the fences to keep walkers out, and potentially huge stores of food and water. It might not be pretty, but it would be perfect in an apocalyptic zombie world. The only thing is, they have to kill off all of its current residents before they can stake claim...

The Walking Dead Zombies - AMC

Meanwhile, where is Andrea?

Michonne and Andrea - AMC

Those of you who saw the last episode of Season 2 of the Walking Dead, will remember that Andrea was saved by a mysterious woman wielding a sword. That mysterious woman's name is Michonne (Mish-shown), and if you read the comics, she becomes a very important member of the group. I love how mysterious and bad ass she is; she's like a superhero or something. Anyway, in the tv show, she's been taking care of Andrea, who's sick. I wonder when they'll reunite with the group? Will Andrea survive? Why/how does Michonne keep those two armless, jawless zombies?

Hershel the Walking Dead - AMC

Back at the prison, they end up finding a safe cell block to sleep in for the night and decide to look for the cafeteria and infirmary in the morning. Being in that prison, locked behind bars, is probably the safest the group has been for several months, but it's still super creepy. I'd feel trapped if zombies did somehow manage to break through, into our cell block, and get us (or we'd be trapped in our locked cells).

So next morning when they decide to go scout out the rest of the prison, Maggie and Glenn get separated from the group, and while Hershel is looking for them, a sleeping walker bites his lower leg. The whole group freaks out and runs (together), from the walkers, while dragging wounded Hershel along with them. They burst into the cafeteria, and hold the doors tight against the walkers, while Rick performs an emergency amputation, in the hopes of saving Hershel from the infection.

The episode ends with the group noticing that they're being watched from behind a window by alive inmates.

They ended with a huge cliffhanger! I didn't even expect the episode to stop there - it was such a perilous, exciting moment, and my eyes were glued.

My predictions for the next episode: 

The inmates will open up the door, and save the group from the walkers, and Hershel will survive, uninfected. Though I think Maggie and Glenn will feel responsible for his injury. I'm also wondering if Michonne and Andrea will meet up the group - maybe then Andrea can get some of Hershel's help with her illness, and meds from the prison infirmary.

We'll just have to wait and see!

*Images all belong to AMC, and were only posted here for the review. Discussion is welcomed, though keep it humane, there's no zombies here! I've tried my best to get the facts right, but if I've made a mistake, I'm only human. :)

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