Monday, October 1, 2012

Kelowna Trip :: Traveling

I have so many photos from my trip to Kelowna, that I'll have to break it down into a few posts. We did so many fun things that it's too much for one post to handle! :P

Kelowna and Vancouver are very different places.
Vancouver is a big, crowded city, next to the Pacific Ocean & Mountains, in the midst of a lush, wet rain forest. Kelowna on the other hand, is a rather small town in comparison, surrounded by barren, fire torched trees, dry yellow grassy hills and small mountains, in a desert. Even though it's only a five hour drive from me, the wild life and plant life are quite different.

Where we have seagulls, geese, pigeons,  and crows, they have these fat, silly quails running around with bobbing heads and gliding from tree to tree. Kelowna is also famous for apple, grape, and peach orchards, along with many vineyards.

Yellow'd grass, deprived of rain. Beautiful rolling hills and small mountains.

Sparsely speckled trees dot the hillside

This one was taken closer to Hope, I think, so it's more lush and green.

Beautiful horses

I love the ghosty horse behind the sprinkler. 

I think this was taken closer to Vancouver (thus all the green)

A large white, barren, peak. I look forward to passing it every time I travel to Kelowna.
It's just so massive and beautiful. This is the best photo I've ever managed to take of it,
and it was even while we were driving super fast down the freeway. Lucky shot! :)
A close up of the beautiful rock face. I love the texture. 

I really love nature photography, especially when I'm traveling. It is so exciting to see new terrain, and save the memories with a click. Sometimes I feel like I'm a traveling photographer for National Geographic, and that it's important I capture anything of beauty or interest, to share with other people (in this case, you guys :).

Hope you enjoyed the traveling down photos! Lots more to come! :)


  1. Thank you for sharing Sasha, you prove there is beauty wherever you look, you just have to want to see it;)

    1. Glad you enjoyed the photos! Yes, it is beautiful there, but nothing compared to here! *totally bias* hehe

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