Sunday, September 30, 2012

My Dryad Painting is finished!

My newest painting of a dryad, or tree nymph, is finally finished! (progress shots here)

I really enjoyed drawing and painting this one, and the positive response she's received has definitely motivated me to keep on painting. I'm not sure what to call her though. I've had some great suggestions, such as Kiri (which means skin of the tree or fruit, according to Angie). The idea really seems to suit the girl, and the way she's intermixed with the tree, although I don't feel that the name itself is direct enough. But I feel it's in the right direction. 

Another friend suggested Mistress of the Owls, which is a great title. So great, in fact, that it inspires a completely different picture in my mind. Something far more dark and dramatic, and potentially a title for a future painting. 

But as for this piece, I'm brainstorming words like:

skin | flesh | bark | spirit | bond | ties | 

Like flesh and bark, meeting and becoming one. That sounds so weird, haha, but that's what I'm thinking. If anyone has an idea for a name like that, let me know. ^_^ 

Ten limited edition, Giclee art prints will be available soon. Later on I will have open edition glossy prints too.

Dryad Tree Nymph Painting

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I have two new painting ideas in my head, bursting to get out onto paper. The first, is the Goddess of the Dead, for Dia de los Muertas, or Day of the Dead, and the second is Little Red Riding Hood (and will likely be titled Chases with Wolves). Strangely enough, I think the two paintings may have very similar colour pallets (red, and a desaturated ultramarine+paynes grey blue). I can't wait to see how they turn out!

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend!


  1. I am seriously so jealous of your skill, Sasha. She's such a gorgeous character and your whole painting is just... wow. So much life, so much emotion!

    1. Aww thank you Angie! It means so much to hear that! *hugs*


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