Saturday, November 3, 2012


What's New:
I've recently given my blog, a full on makeover!
Inspiration struck, and I just had to tear down the walls, throw some furniture around, and mix things up a little. 
I even changed my blog name & identity to The Bohemian Faerie (as well as my url)
Lacewinged always felt more like a place holder name, until I found the 'right' fit for me. I wanted something that represented me and my style, as well as my love of Faerie.I hope you like the new look & feel of The Bohemian Faerie!

I just finished reading The Clan of the Cave Bear >> it was a popular book in the 80's that was turned into a movie, starring blonde bombshell, Daryl Hannah. I'd seen the movie when I was around seven, and when I saw the book in the thriftstore over the summer, I immediately picked it up! 

Over all, the book was really great. It presents a time in early human pre-history, where Ayla, a modernish human, is adopted and raised by neanderthals ("the clan"), and her struggle to try and become more like a woman of the clan, even though her very being is the opposite. 

The book was about A ZILLION times better than the movie. 

Currently I'm watching The Walking Dead, Dexter, and The Vampire Diaries... all which kind of relate around death and dead things, LOL. There's some other shows I've been meaning to catch up on, like True Blood & Supernatural (and I want to start watching Game of Thrones, it sounds amazing), but it'll be a while before I make it through even the first three! 

As for movies, I recently watched Resident Evil - Retribution, and yeah it sucked. Milla was great, as usual though. I'm hoping the sequel will be better.

Listening to:
I've been listening to a lot of 'new to me' Lady Gaga songs, like Americano, as well as some old Michael Jackson hits (he was SUCH an amazing dancer). 

Thinking about:
The paintings I have to finish for the Grimm Art Show & NaNoWriMo.

Making collages in polyvore, awesome friends, beautiful fall leaves, Halloween, black cats, and GLITTER!

Looking forward to: 
Well Halloween is tomorrow, although I will be posting this afterward (perhaps on Friday or Saturday). I'm super stoked about my homemade/thrifted/cobbled-together Halloween costume, and can't wait to take pictures tomorrow, and wander around the neighbourhood snapping pics & admiring decorations. 

Feel free to comment with your answers to the questions! I'd love to see what you're up to! :)
Questionaire snatched from Marcia


  1. I love your new blog set up, it is beautiful:)

  2. All of your "Loving" is my "Loving" though I have a few extras, hehe! Also, Lady Gaga produces some amazing music. I ignored her for a while, as I rarely "go with the crowd", but than I heard one... and than listened to many more and just love 'em.

    As for Game of Thrones, oh my gosh, it's definitely a must see. I really cannot tell you how much I LOVE that show. There's fantasy, action, romance and a lot of hilarious humor in a way that isn't cheesy. It all fits together *perfectly* And it's yet another thing I ignored for a while 'cause of it's popularity. :P

    Clan of The Cave Bear sounds good!

    And finally, I adore your new look and name. :D

    1. I LOVE Lady Gaga! I am a little Monster all the way. She gives off such an authentic vibe, about really knowing what it's like to be different, rejected by her peers, and then finding the inner strength to conquer all. I hope to find my inner "GaGa" one day. :P

      Ahhh! Game of Thrones! It sounds REALLY AMAZING, people have been raving about it. I keep meaning to watch it. I have season one somewhere, lol. I'll probably end up watching it when my regular shows go on their winter break.

      Glad you like the new look! :D

  3. I love your new blog look ... so pretty :) happy fairy dreams
    Maria x

    1. Thanks Maria! :) Happy Faerie Dreams to you too!

  4. I haven't seen Game of Thrones either, but someone today was just talking about how good it is. I'm loving the fall leaves and decos too!

    1. It's good to hear I'm not the only one who hasn't seen it yet. :P


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