Friday, November 2, 2012

Fabulous Friday Favourites

This dress, Miss Indie, by Modcloth, modeled by awesome blogger, Mandy.

It's pretty much the most beautiful dress ever. I don't wear a lot of vintage style clothes, but my style is fairly eclectic, and I'd love to have this piece in my closet. I'd style it with sepia brown tone shoes, and purse, or perhaps I'd go for a coral touch, like Mandy did.

This gorgeous painting by, titled, "the Wanderer's March".
This painting is so, so beautiful.... I love the skin tones on the sheep figures, the spine protruding out, and the over all dark feeling. I'll have to see if I can get my hands on a print. 

Click image to enlarge
Nature is so amazing. I can't believe I've lived for 26 years and had no idea that something so alien, and magnificent, actually existed. These lily's looks like they're straight out of the dinosaur era, where everything was HUGE.
...I really want to sit on one... but it can only hold up to 70 pounds.

1. via 2. via 3. via 4. via (the last photo is of the underside of the lily)
An Epic Gourd Tunnel. 
What could be more enchanting than a Gourd tunnel? Seriously, when I get my own home, with a bit of land, I want to build/grow one of these Gourd tunnels. Just imagine the delicious Autumn soups you could make, and the magnificent Halloween photo ops! 

I only wish I had a link to credit this beautiful photo to. I did an image search on google, but the websites that
turned up were all written in another language, and I was weary to click on an unknown site. If anyone
knows who took the picture, please let me know! :)

Shabby Chic Picture Frames.
I pretty much love any rustic, shabby chic, French Country decor, I can find. That being said, I've always wanted to make a wall of vintage, ornate, baroque style white frames... I love how the look is both vintage and modern, especially depending on the colour you decide to paint your walls. 

What a neat idea! I would totally pick one up if it were made. Basically it's a digital photo frame specifically designed for square shaped instagram photos, that you take on your cell phone. 

These absolutely amazingly GORGEOUS headdresses handmade by Genevieve Amelia

Well that's all for this Friday folks! I've got to get to the delicious smelling, homemade brocolli cheese soup, simmering on the stove. Have a lovely Friday! 


  1. I love the dress, that is the style I like to work.

    Also, wow.... I love those frames, so beautiful:)

    1. Me too haha! A-Line dresses all the way! I love the frames too. I seriously want to make a giant wall of irregular shaped white frames. It would be fabulous. :D

  2. I love love lovee that dresss! And those frames are gorgeous, too :)


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