Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How Authentic Are You Online?

I would say I'm pretty much myself online. And in some ways, my truer self, online then off. I have anxiety, and when I'm with people in person, I tend to feel awkward, and not express my thoughts the way I really feel them. But online, I have time to think, time to figure things out, and a delete key - so I can express what I want, exactly how I want at the time. 

There are some personal things that I don't share - like disturbing nightmares that happen all to frequently (and vivid dreams in general), depression, fears, etc... but that's probably because I like to think of this blog as my happy place. A place where I can share positivity and inspiration, and hopefully uplift others while I'm at it.

So in general, I would say that I am not the same person I am online, in person. I think here, you get to see the real me, or at least who I want to be. 

And then there's this picture: 

me being a dork... as usual... and in public places. LOL
How authentic of a blogger are you?

*post inspired by Angie & Alycia


  1. Jumping picture- a must! I literally just started my blog so I am still finding my voice. I also am now aware of how little bloggers really do share of their day to day life. For instance, I got food poisoning last week and ended up puking my guts out for about 4 hours straight. Blog material? I dealt with it for about 3 days, but my readers won't hear about it. Keep doing what you're doing, but remember that posts about negative things might reach out sometimes to people struggling too. :)

  2. I think the way you are in your blog is how you are for real Sasha... I was 26 before I started being who I was inside, I was the most shy person ever... I know... hard to believe, my David would tell you that I was incredibly shy since he's known me when I was 15. He said he's my proof... I am however; not the least bit shy anymore, I made a conscious decision to change, it didn't happen over night but it happened.

    I love your blog, your thoughts and your creativity:)


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