Friday, November 9, 2012

To what extent do you think your own perspective of your body is influenced by media images of certain 'ideal' bodies?

To what extent do you think your own perspective of your body is influenced by media images of certain 'ideal' bodies?

From my point of view, being someone who will always have a challenge at keeping my body weight at a healthy size, I will always be overweight. I'm short and somewhat thick-thighed, and even when I've been thin, I've always felt huge because of my shape. I think the reason why I feel this way is because I have an unconscious ideal of what the 'right' body type is, and know that genetically, it's not me. These feelings are wholly influenced by the media's portrayal of thin women versus fat women... speaking on that:

The skinny girls on the tv shows generally always have the leading roles, attract the hottest/best guys, and seem the happiest... So the message to me is that if you don't look like that, you can't have those things too. (which ends up being a bit of self-fulfilling prophecy). There was however a wonderful show that proved all of these ideas wrong: Drop Dead Diva (watch it!! :)

Another problem is buying clothes. There are many great plus sized stores (online and locally), but oftentimes the clothes are presented on a super thin mannequin model, even though the clothes aren't even actually available in the smaller sizes. This is a problem because I have no way of knowing how the clothes will look on someone fat. It also suggests that models & mannequins don't come in a plus size, even though I do, and that my body must be strange and out of the ordinary, or even too ugly to be portrayed.

I was looking at some pictures of "fat" celebrities (yeah, I'm guilty of that too), and they showed Jessica Simpson and Kim Kardashian... who weren't big at all. No where near as big as me. And they still had that "ideal" body type/figure. The message to me is that if you're not absolutely "PERFECT" you will never be beautiful. And I'm even farther from the media's view of fat than those two, so I must be just hideous.

To counteract this negativity, I try to remember that life is a work in progress, I'm perfectly imperfect, and the media is full of ass hats.

Just my two cents. ;)
What are yours?


  1. I try and live a very healthy life, with very healthy foods. However, I am not a gym bunny nor do I believe in dieting - I eat good food, the food I love, I don't deny myself sweets, etc. I just work with what I enjoy, and try to make healthier choices (like leaner meats, and what have you.)

    I want to lose weight because *I* am not comfortable in my body. Honestly, I think I am quite pretty and Jen constantly tells me I am gorgeous and I know she's telling me the truth - but the fact is, my dream weight is 125lbs. My mini dream weight is 150lbs. My current weight is around 190lbs. However, let's say I hit 170lbs and I feel energetic, with no body ache, and I feel like my system is clean and refreshed while than I can stop right there.

    With my weight loss goals, I aim to please my body. I know from listening when I am eating too much, not enough, too much crap or when I've neglected exercise and such for too long. As for models, I actually have always preferred looking at HEALTHY! (not anorexic) thin models for inspiration. Especially if they are in a cute outfit I'd like, or doing yoga. It isn't really about celebs, as every celeb has a different body shape and size and it isn't about what is in the media, it's about what I actually search for.

    Luckily we're in such a more welcoming, respectful generation where people of all sizes, shapes, etc. are respected both in and outside of media. I think anyone can be beautiful, there size and shape don't matter, it's how they work their own body and even more: their personality.

  2. GREAT post! I never felt good about myself or thought I looked good enough either until I started photographing my outfits and seeing others' blog about theirs. Putting outfits together and then being in front of the camera really drove my confidence up, which changed a lot of my outlook on life! I still don't feel 100% great about my body, which I blame Vogue for :) But I am also a happy work in progress!

  3. You're so right about the mannequins and models of 'plus size'shops. ASOS for instance use models who range from a size 10 to a 14 on their Curve section. When I realised that one of the models was actually a size 10 I flipped and sent them an angry email.
    I've always struggled with weight but have found that the more I lose the fatter I feel. I used to feel awful that the ASOS Curve models, who are 4 sizes bigger than me look so nice, as I had always assumed that since the Curve range starts from a size 20 they would at least be a size 20, right? SO WRONG. It isn't fair on young girls, or any woman really, that they try to trick you that way. At least I can't fault H&M for using women who actually wear the clothes being sold!

  4. Sasha you are beautiful on the inside and out... repeat after me, I am beautiful.

    I don't believe that one body type is the right type. I am a bigger girl, a bigger curvy girl, I have learned to love my hips as they always make my waist look smaller than it is.

    You are an extremely pretty girl but the truth is that you have to believe it, I never believed it until the last year or so. What a huge waste of my life. I know how to dress my type of figure, I know how to style my hair and do my make up that reflects my beauty.

    You are beyond talented and so very sweet, all of this makes you beautiful.

    One of the most wonderful things about you is that you are unique... I find that refreshing... This is coming from a girl who is unique and I have learned to embrace it, it is what makes me special and you too :)


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