Sunday, November 11, 2012

Wire Wrapped Jewelry

For those who have been following my work in blogland & on etsy, you may know my main shop as 'Neckline Designz', where I sell my handmade jewelry.

Well last night I had the urge to change everything... So I did! Neckline Designz, will now be known as 'the Bohemian Faerie'. A place for all of us quirky, imaginative folks, to find items as unique as ourselves.

I've also incorporated a nature element to my new look on my blog & shop (brushes credited here). I feel a sense of peace when I'm walking through the forest, surrounded by greenery, and a fresh scent of plant life in the air. I felt like my love of nature needed to be incorporated into my blog & shop designs.

A lovely flower bracelet. I hand-gilt the flower with my own colour blend of Gilder's Paste.

A hand hammered, copper spiral pendant.

Spirals represent many things in many different cultures, all of them seem to be very positive meanings. For the Celts, it can represent energy radiating inward, or radiating outward. This pendant feels like energy radiating inward, to me. Like it's capturing and flowing strength into the wearer. The triple spiral represents the goddess, 'growth, birth, and expansion', and also in some areas, the Holy Trinity in Christianity. It's interesting how the same symbols can mean different things to different cultures (like the Swastika for Indians versus Nazi's). 

A little fire element ear cuff. Please excuse the chipped polish & random scratch lol.

Hmm.. what will these feathers be used for?

Below are some pieces from our other shop, Sparrows Trove

An enchanting silver locket, with a skeleton key.

Three swallows flying together.

Stunning, gold filigree earrings.

Beautiful blue glass stones.
I hope you enjoyed this peek into the my business happenings!

I was thinking of actually making some posts specifically about creating an independent business. Would anyone be interested in reading something like that?

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  1. Your blog is beautiful consider me your newest follower.

    Ilsie xxx


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