Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Brown Sheep Painting

Now that the frenzy of the craft fair is over, I can sit back and concentrate on art for a while. 

Digital painting is not a medium that comes easily to me (much like acrylics), but over the years I've been known to pick it up and paint a little something here and there, as if to remind myself why I stick to traditional mediums.  

Well tonight I picked up my tablet and stylus, and began to experiment a little. I'm actually liking this painting, and am excited to see how 'finished' I can make it look, without messing it up. I didn't use any references, but am thinking I might, in order to make the eyes more realistic. But, then again, realism isn't my style, so maybe not. We'll just have to see!

Anyway, hope you like my little Brown Sheep Girl. :)


  1. Great artwork Sasha, you are always so inspiring with your drawings :)

  2. Hi Sasha, Merry Christmas. There is something very mystical about your paintings. I love coming across other creative people that also have blogs. You really are quite a very interesting young woman.


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