Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Bunnies and Kitties!

One of my favourite things about visiting my friends from Kelowna is their backyard... It's filled with all sorts of strange mushrooms and fungi hidden in the overgrown grass, there's raspberry bushes galore, and little furry creatures hopping about...  

Meet Angel and Sunshine, the rabbits, Barney and Windsor, the old cats, and Jack-Torch, the youngest cat of the bunch (we had adopted him initially, but it didn't work out (he has aggressive tendencies, and liked to hump/clobber our other cat, and they re-adopted him, and he's very happy now!). 

The last picture is of Lauren, while we were taking some reference photos for Christina Lank (a brilliant painter), and Jack jumped into the photo. We had a difficult time herding him out of the shots, and eventually had to bring him inside.

Our Kelowna friends have recently moved to the Vancouver area, so I happily get to see them AND these little creatures quite often now! 

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  1. I love bunny rabbits... If I didn't live in the city and in such a cold area... I would have a pile of them.. :)


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