Thursday, January 31, 2013

I am a Sketch-a-saurus

I just finished watching Terra Nova, and it was pretty amazing (and I am so sad it got cancelled). Dinosaurs are really cool, but it's not necessarily the thing I 'geek out' over. I am however fascinated by the possibilities of time travel. This show had so much going for it - great characters, critical/suspenseful conflicts, really good filmography, cgi, and set design... I really don't know why it got cancelled. Just like Firefly... Makes absolutely no sense. :/

Anyway, back on the dinosaur spin, I started watching Primeval, another dino series. This show is far, far, and let me emphasize, FARRRR less sophisticated of a show in comparison, and I don't just mean the crappy cgi. But I was drawing, and I like drawing while a show plays in the background, so I let it ramble on. And admittedly the show has begun to grow on me, though it's a lot less intense feeling compared to Terra Nova. I am intrigued by the various anomaly's that keep popping up, and the possibilities of where they could lead. And I feel that the character that adds the most interest to the show is Cutter's mysterious wife, Helen. I kind of wish the show actually featured her as the lead, even if it was all about her villanous activities.. I really love the realism and ruggedness of her character.

So now onto the good stuff. Me sketches!

I've been working out the details for my Red Riding Hood piece. It's a whopping 12x16 inches, which is huge to me, and has taken a very long time to sketch it all out... and has a long way to go.

Click on image above to view larger size

This is my predicted colour scheme for the piece, below.
I'm thinking of a poppy red cloak, and the underside will be a dark crimson, the sky will be kind of a smoky lapis lazuli blue, and the trees, dress, and wolves, will be creams and grays. I hope it turned out how I've imagined it in my head!

I also worked on a bunch of other rough sketches, for my upcoming 'secret' series of paintings.

Based on my own idea/inspiration for secrets, involving a mysterious forest with eyes,
a girl, huddled in a secret spot, making secret writings in her journal, while the
creatures of the forest look on. 

Based off of Angie's idea of a masquerade mask. 

Based off of Karen's suggestion of a tree growing around something...

And, lastly, a couple of other sketches I like enough to post. :)

*whew* I do believe I am all sketched out. I can't wait to ink, and then start painting. :)


  1. I am SO amazed. LOVELY work and I am so honored you ran with my masquerade mask idea! Gorgeous sketch. :D

    1. Thanks Angie! <3 I'm excited to see your masquerade idea take shape. ^_^


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