Thursday, January 31, 2013

Theme: Secrets!

A few little announcements today!

Firstly, my website has been re-vamped! Check it out here, and let me know what you think! Forgive the little welcome/owl sign, as it's only a placeholder for future things.

Secondly, I'm super excited about this new project I'm working on. It will be a series of up to five paintings (depending on time), that will be inspired with the theme "secret". This theme really appeals to me, and I think applies to a lot of my own artwork already. In every piece, I try to express mysteriousness in my characters, as well as eerie enchantment in their surroundings... so this theme kind of feels natural to me.

I've made a bunch of sketches, quite a few of them based off of ideas from you guys, that you supplied me with on facebook (thank you so much!!), and have three that I definitely want to use. The titles of these pieces, as of now, are Secret Garden, Mystery Behind the Masque, and The Trees are Watching.

If I'm able to get a larger memory card soon enough, I will record the painting process of these pieces and share them with you on youtube. :)

On jewelry news, the leaves from my previous post have finished baking, and look all glittery and fantastic. Tomorrow I will get started on making them into new ear cuffs, and hopefully soon they'll be in the shop!

Now, for your viewing pleasure, may I present...... Scarlet!

You can watch a little video of her creation, here:

Well, thanks for stopping by, and I hope you follow along with me and see how the new paintings turn out! :)


  1. ah ha the secret is now out - yay looking forward to seeing these Sasha!

  2. Love this, and great to see a little of the progress.
    I love the way you use water colours, they're something I always struggle to get to look right


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