Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I've Been Feeling Psychedelic Lately...

Dum dee dum dee dum. Feeling very productive lately. That's always a good feeling. I hate it when I feel sluggish and can't seem to accomplish anything. D:

Yesterday, I finished sculpting and glitterizing over 25 polymer clay leaves, which are about to be baked in the oven after this post is written. They'll be added to ear cuffs as a dangly adornment like in the photo below. I really love making these ear cuffs because they truly are made by me... I twist the wire into the desired shapes, securing the crystals carefully by weaving really thin wire, and finally adding a sparkly dangly leaf bead that I sculpted and coloured by hand. Pretty amazing! :)

I planted four oregano cuttings into little Styrofoam cups, in the hopes that they will propagate new plants. It's not really the right time of year for this, but I'm trying anyway. I've covered each plant with a ziplock bag, in an attempt to keep the humidity inside, and encourage the roots to grow. I'll keep you updated on these little guys.

I finished a nifty little Psychedelic Tattooed Lady illustration, which was TONNES of fun. I really love any excuse to use lots of colour with very little fore-thought. This piece was done with watercolours and ink, on bristol paper. She's pretty tiny, measuring at 3.5 x 5.5 inches, and is for sale for $45. Contact me if you're interested, first come, first serve. :)

And lastly, we tried out the slow-cooker, aka crock pot, for the first time. The Pot Roast was perfectly moist and fell off the bone, and the veggies were just the right hard/soft texture. Next we're going to try making Sweet and Sour Chicken (with rice). Should be good! :)


  1. I plan to use my crock pot a lot while I am off after my surgery, I will be able to throw the food into the pot in the morning, then it will be ready for me to eat with minimal effort on my part:)

    1. Crock pots are the best! Easy to use, and kind of take care of them selves. :)
      I hope you recover quickly! *hugs*


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