Saturday, January 26, 2013

Painting Progress

My experiments with oil paints continues!

Christina suggested I paint a large, frontal portrait, so that is what I did! 
I've gone for a very painterly approach here, which is a departure from my line-dependent simplistic colouring style I use with watercolours & markers on paper. 


So I gave the painting some time to dry a bit, and looking at it now, I'm not very satisfied with the skin tone. I definitely want something a bit more pale, glowy, and ethereal. 

I decided to paint over it all, and give it another try. 
That's the funny thing with art. Sometimes/oftentimes you have to wipe the canvas clean and start again, if you're not satisfied. 

Here's what she looks like now: 

Once the white paint dries, I'm going to do a second and possibly third layer of white/creme, just to make sure that you can't see the under painting. 

Wish me luck! :)


  1. Good luck Sasha... you always your eyes with so much depth... very interesting:)

  2. looking great Sasha - I tend to do my skin tones in patches/sections with oils hard coming from watercolours to oils used to light to dark where oils are opposite that and the fact that oils dry darker where as watercolours dry lighter. Looking forward to seeing this finished


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