Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Favourites!

Happy Friday Everybody! :)

I've got lots of stuff I'm working on that I can't wait to share with you! Including some new videos (one of me painting Secret Diary, and another of me making a mystery craft), as well as a video from the Vancouver Pet Expo, and lots more! But for today, while I work away at home on all of that, here's a few of my favourite things found through out the web!

1. This gorgeous gown, perfect for a Faerie or Elven themed wedding. To be honest, when I saw it, I instantly imagined myself wearing it to my own wedding (in the not so far distant future, let's hope haha). I also really loved the creams and lush textures in the second dress, and how dreamy it looked on the model. ^_^ I am such a girl haha!

via Rivendell Bridal

2. This magnificent deer, photographed by Mark Smith.
There was a really great intro to the photo series on the daily mail's website:

"He is one of the mightiest of creatures - and apparently also one of the most regal.
Other deers quickly scattered when the self-proclaimed King of Richmond Park emerged with a crown of leaves he had created from the bracken."

3. This awesome book 'We Make Dolls' that features a bunch of the fantastic doll makers, and tutorials on how to make their dolls. I haven't tried making a doll yet, but I'd love to get this book and give it a try! :)

buy it here
I saw this beautiful photo on Danita's blog, who happens to be a contributing artist in the book!

4. Somnia - a gorgeous limited edition print series, hand embellished with golden acrylics and gold leaf, by Alice Savage. (Which I may have purchased hehe). 

5. This AMAZING Minecraft Beetle Juice Roller Coaster. I am in awe. 

Well that's all folks! Have a fantastic weekend! :)


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