Saturday, July 27, 2013

Today I'm finally updating my shop with some new ear cuffs and jewelry pieces. I love how it all comes together, and I can just gaze at my shop admiringly, knowing that I did that (with the help of my lovely model of course). It's a pretty rewarding feeling.

I'm also working out my plans for the Portobello Market in September. I want to have lots of unique, handmade items, that inspire the gypsy inside everyone. I can't wait to display my paintings, but am kind of nervous too. I've never sold an original painting directly to a customer (in person) before. I wonder what that feels like?

I'm also going to try to pick up a pyrography set so that I can make some wood burnt pendants and paintings. I'm super excited to experiment with that. I'd also really love to make some wind chimes, but those may have to wait for next summer, when I can collect a mass of shells and driftwood (and am lighter so that the task is easier).

Speaking of being lighter, I am feeling pretty great. An extremely generous friend of a friend has given me such a wonderful gift - a treadmill! I am so thankful... *-*. I've been walking on it nearly everyday and have already worked up to doing 20 minutes straight. I have a lot of weight to lose, and it's going to take a loooooooong time, but this is a start. I'm also agoraphobic, so having a treadmill is a good way to make sure that I can stay fit when I don't feel comfortable going outside alone. We also get a lot of rain year round, and a treadmill means I don't have to get soaking wet and muddy to exercise!

The Femme Thou Art Collective is having another auction this month and the theme is the White Lady. I'm very, very interested in this theme (I will probably make a journal post describing why), and can't wait to get started. I might even make a video of the painting process to share with you all. Speaking of videos, have you seen my two youtube channels yet? I have one for painting and one for crafts. Make sure to subscribe to both my channels so you can receive regular updates ^_^



And finally, a cute cat on a messy art desk. Enjoy!


  1. Congratulations on walking on the treadmill practically every day... that is awesome girl... it is muggy warm here today, I am waiting for it to cool down and then I am going for a three mile walk/run tonight, I even have the route set out in my head...

    I didn't know you were agoraphobic, that must be awful... I am so sorry to hear that...

    Good luck with the market... I know you will do fabulous, you have a lot of unique and beautiful items Sasha :)

    1. Thank you miss! Yesterday I made it to 20 minutes again, woot! :) I'm really proud of you too by the way. ^_^

      Yeah being agoraphobic sucks, but gotta keep pushin' on! :)

      Thanks, I'm super excited for the market hehe! I will take lots of pics when I go and share them with you here!


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