Saturday, May 3, 2014

Yours Truly: 100 Postcards for Human Rights at Alexi Era Gallery

I'm honoured to be a contributing artist to tonight's "Yours Truly: 100 Postcards for Human Rights" show at Alexi Era Gallery, in St. Louis.

Human rights are something I'm very passionate about - whether it's constitutional rights, like freedom of speech and expression; women's, minorities and LGBTQ rights and equality; religious freedom and mental wellness... Basically everything under the sun that has to do with human liberty, and overcoming the barriers that stand in our way.

Here's my postcard sized painting, entitled 'Sorrow Fall'. The title means literally that your sorrow is falling away, and you're being filled with growth and renewal out of a bad situation. I have infinite faith in our ability to overcome our struggles and continue being a better species.

I created this piece over the span of a day, filled with inspiration from the show. I drew it all out in pencil, refined the sketch, inked it with my microns, and then painted it with watercolours. I added some acrylic gold touches to the nest.

I hope whoever ends up with my piece is filled with hope and overcomes any obstacles in their way. :)

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