Monday, January 30, 2012

Mini Jewelry Displays for the Jury

My wire jewelry display. 

The wire display turned out just how I imagined it; simple with a modern + minimalist design. The only thing that didn't quite turn out was my table cloth! My mom and I fought with it for hours trying to iron the wrinkles out, but nothing seemed to work. Do you guys have any magic tricks? :P

Copper Wire Ear Cuffs
I'm addicted to making these things. I love to make the swirls - each one is as individual as a snowflake. I get great satisfaction from creating the 'perfect' swirl, until I make a new swirl that is in fact 'perfecter', lol. I also love adding the beads, which I do at the end. They really give each ear cuff its own personality.

My newest necklace inspired by leaves.Will be available in the shop soon.
This is a little treasure that I've actually been wearing a lot lately. It's kind of ironic, but I don't really wear jewelry... ever. But I've fallen in love with this design of Papa Leaf, Mama Leaf, and Baby Leaf :3 I sure hope the jury liked it too.

The ring in the center is my favourite! It looks a lot like the one I previously posted, except this one is made with a rivoli crystal, which sparkles like a rainbow. While the ring is Steam Punk inspired, it's also inspired by the beauty of Spiral Galaxies.

Sidhe Ear Cuff Set
I made a companion ear cuff to my original Sidhe ear cuff (on the right), and put them as a set for the jurying.        I wanted to be sure the jury would understand what sort of jewelry this was, and how it's worn, so I included some photos of them being worn.

Art Pendant Display
This was my second display for my art pendants. Unfortunately the close up shots of the pendants didn't turn out too well (cause it was too bright in the room). Like my other display it's very simple and minimalist. I find this one a little sparse though, and wish I had brought more pendants to show.

I bought the vintage wooden frame for $15 from a seller on Craigslist. I painted it cream white with acrylics, and then glue gunned black fabric (embroidered with roses) on the back, and tacked up the necklaces. My mom picked up the flowers (Chrysanthemums) which I've fallen in love with, and plan to replant in a pot and put it on the balcony.

My mom also set up a display for her handmade soaps, which I just love! It's rustic, simple, and has soothing warm colours. Here's a picture I took of it:

We will find out between Friday & next Monday whether or not we've been accepted. Wish us luck! <3

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