Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Diana f+ Camera

A love letter, to Diana F+.

Okay, so this is totally a post about something I've been obsessing over for the last few weeks. 

It's the Diana f+ camera from Lomography. Particularly the Neptune Green. She's just captured my heart. 

Here she is in all her analogue glory -

Diana f+ Camera via Lomography

This could be will be me one day - well, me as in I will own a diana and be the one behind the lens, not creepy like I would be this girl

photo via bbabyshambles
Here's some examples of the beautiful photos people have taken with Diana -

via i'm nova

via jeabzz
via ava363

I've started saving little bits of extra money I make, and putting it towards this camera, as a birthday present for myself. The camera itself only costs about $100, but with all of the peripherals, such as the fish eye lens, wide angle lens, split lens, and 35mm back, it comes out to $320. And that's not counting film. So I've rounded up to $400. So far I've saved $26, and hope to be able to add more to the bank soon. This little graphic I made will stay in my sidebar, which I will update as I save more money.

I seriously cannot WAIT to get this camera. And when I do, be prepared to see lots of epic fails & and hopefully some triumphant wins, in experimental analogue photography.

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  1. How pretty! I have always wanted a Diana as well and that color is so pretty. Best of luck with saving up. It will be yours soon :]


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