Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Kitty & Honey

Hello, hello! I hope you're having a lovely Wednesday, wherever you are.

Before Honey, I had a beautiful tabby cat named Kitty, who sadly passed away a couple of years ago (she was 11 years old). It took my mom and I along time to recover from that feeling of loss, and welcome a new member to our family.



We got Honey when she was almost a year old. We think she may have been under a lot of stress in her previous household, and emotionally neglected. Cat's as kittens need to be held and petted a lot by humans in their first few weeks of life, or they will instinctively be weary of humans, or even fear them for the rest of their lives, which in some cases makes adoption impossible.

When we first brought her home, she was naturally very scared. She hid for about two days under my bed and in my book shelf. I sat by the bed and talked to her sweetly for over an hour, until she finally came out and sniffed me. It was very touch and go. Whenever my mom would make noise in the kitchen, or come in the front door, Honey would hide under the bed, and growl very loudly. Then when we had Tracy's children here, she was extremely nervous, and hissed  and spit whenever one of the kids approached her (it's all talk though, she doesn't actually hurt anyone). I think in her previous household she was abused by young children at an early age, and will always be scared of them. I always make sure Tracy's kids treat Honey with respect, and are as calm around her as they can be. Now she trusts them and actually lets them pet her sometimes, and doesn't growl anymore.

Now, almost a year later, I'm happy to say that she has come a long way. She sleeps in the crook of my arm every night, loves belly rubs, hates being brushed, and will smack me in the head with her paw when she wants to play. She isn't really afraid at all anymore, and has made a full turn around, and I believe has become very very happy and content in her new home, with her forever family. 

She will never replace Kitty, as I believe no animal can ever replace another's spot in your heart, but I love her just as much, and am so happy to have her in our home.  

Honey, being adorable, as always:

A short video of Honey:

Do you have any furry companions taking residence in your home?


  1. Honey is beautiful Sasha... I love her color and her big fluffy tail:)

    1. Thank you Launna! <3
      You should see how fluffy her coat gets in the winter! It's crazy!

  2. She's such a pretty kitty! :)
    I got a kitten after my cat, Lucifer, died. He too was quite scared of people, despite being so young but eventually adjusted and settled in. Not wanting to sound like a crazy cat lady, but cats are pretty awesome :)

    1. Aww... I'm sorry to hear that! *hugs*
      I agree! Cats are the best!!

  3. Such a cute cat!! I'm sad that she was abused as a kitten. :( I don't understand how anyone can hate such a beautiful animal! She's very lucky to have had you come and rescue her. :)


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