Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sugar Rush Painting

In my spare time I've been experimenting with painting on wood - in this piece in particular, I used watercolours, pencil crayons, and acrylics to complete this piece. 

I really love creating these small wooden paintings. They allow me to let go, and experiment with new ideas and new painting techniques. It's really a lot of fun! :)

If you're interested in purchasing this piece, it's available in my etsy shop

I hope you're all having a lovely Autumn!!


  1. So wonderful, Sasha! She looks sugery sweet. ^_^ I think it's great that you experiment and just let yourself lose when you paint. I always try and contol every part of the process. lol...

    1. Thanks Erin! :) My illustrations take a lot more energy/time/focus to create (I'm a control freak too haha), so it's fun to let loose on these little paintings :)

  2. Sasha you are so talented girl... I wanted to thank you for the other night... I still haven't told many people... I just can't handle what people will say.. I am not coping well but I will get it together.. I have to... Keep painting and drawing you are so creative :)

    1. Thanks m'dear! I'm happy to help *hugs* you can always talk to me! <3


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